3 Easy Tips to Help Manage Small Business PR

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Small businesses can get a lot done without having a PR strategy in place, but they will always be held back from the true potential of their brand if they don’t fully capitalize on public relations opportunities. Public relations refers to the face and image you present to the media and your customers. To a certain extent, every small business that is successful has a public image, but there is a big difference between running your business and having clients bump into your services and harnessing your PR in order to jump start your-sales. Here are some PR strategies that are just as useful for small businesses which are only starting to build an image as they are for established medium enterprises.

1) Keep your ear to the ground for opportunities. Whenever your business can serve as a source in the media, you should. Whenever there is a cause that you can use to promote your business, you should support it. The only way you are going to find out about these opportunities is to stay on top of the industry and local news in your area. Helping out in your community is an excellent way to garner positive attention for your business and create bonds with customers.

2) Make your own news. Keep in contact with local papers, create a network of news makers in you area that you can reach out to and inform when your company hits a milestone, or sponsors an event. An example of this kind of event could be a charity lunch at a local restaurant that would be announced in the local paper. A larger scale example could be a medical technology company announcing a scholarship program though a press release that gets picked up by Yahoo Finance and the Wall Street Journal.

3) Reach out to the Blogosphere. Blogs are now small business’s best friend. Not only should your website have a blog, but you should develop relationships with the blogs reporting on your industry and use these viral networks to channel the correct message about your brand to the denizens of the web.

Photo Credit to Futurestreet on Flickr

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