3 New Things to Try in Your Small Business Newsletter

by / Tuesday, 01 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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A newsletter can be a great and cost effective tool for a small business seeking to stay in touch with customers and share information on special offers, next moves and other interesting information. The great thing about a newsletter is that there are no official rules for what to put in it, and a business owner can be as creative as they want to when creating the content that they will send out. That said, one of the problems of content creation is that small business owners will often run out of ideas of what to put in their newsletter. Creative block is one of the most common problems for content creators, but fortunately a little bit of brain-storming will usually yield a new idea to try. Here are a couple of options that small business owners can integrate into their next newsletter in order to add more value and increase the levels of engagement that they get.

Fan submitted content. One of the best ways to create interest among a brand’s followers is to invite them to contribute something they themselves have created. Making a part of your newsletter dedicated to fan submitted artwork, writing or testimonials can be a very strong way of cultivating brand advocates among your followers as well as gathering perspectives on your brand first-hand from your customers. Not only that, but having fan submitted content encourages others who see the content to submit their own and engage further. Offering a small prize for published work is another good way to mobilize your fan base into creatively engaging with your brand.

Put it to a vote. Similar to asking for fan submitted content, asking your fans to vote on an aspect of your service, products or branding can be a great way to increase engagement with a newsletter. The more interactivity that you are able to offer and the more that your customers feel that they are in charge of the trajectory of your branding, the better. Customization is something that makes customers feel connected to a brand, and if you are trying to create an exclusive incentive to read your newsletter, exclusive voting opportunity is a decent place to start.

Exclusive product previews. Another idea for cultivating a sense of exclusivity within a newsletter is using it as the first place that you put out news surrounding new products and services being offered by your business. While brands will eventually put their message of new products and services out through all of the channels available to them in order to build buzz, using a newsletter to break the news first gives readers an extra reason to stay subscribed and check up regularly on the happenings of their favorite business.

Photo Credit to Nigel Lamb on Flickr

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