3 Ideas to Take a Small Business Mobile- Without a Mobile Site

by / Monday, 21 July 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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A mobile website is a very strong investment for small business owners, since mobile traffic on the internet continues to increase year over year. Smallbiztrends.com even suggests businesses gear up their mobile marketing now in anticipation of peak sales during the Christmas season. But what if a business is simply not able to invest in a mobile site for whatever reason? Are there ways that they can still attempt to profit off of the increasing important medium of mobile web traffic? Here are a few suggestions for putting a brand in the public eye via mobile marketing even without a site that is optimized for mobile.

1) Take advantage of mobile apps that allow business profiles. Claiming all the listings that are open to your business is a good first step towards gaining mobile exposure without a website. Examples of sites that can help businesses appear on mobile are Yelp and Foursquare, as these allow businesses to create profiles that have the potential to show up in search results within their apps themselves, allowing the business to appear in front of people searching for their services using smartphones.

2) Promote social media profiles via mobile. So your website doesn’t work well on a mobile screen? Fortunately, pretty much every social media platform with a user base big enough to be relevant to small business marketing has a smartphone app that is designed to appear on mobile. What this means is that as long as your small business has a social media presence, it effectively has a platform to use and drive traffic to on mobile devices. Social media is great for small businesses for a variety of reasons, so the more traffic that a social page gets, the better. The fact that the coding to effectively display on mobile comes standard with most social media profiles is just an added bonus.

3) Try sms marketing. Ok, so this isn’t exactly “mobile marketing” in the higher tech sense of the phrase, which generally implies an optimized website or an app, but when you consider the fact that in order to use both of those two pieces of technology a user will most likely be holding their smartphone, marketing through text messages starts to make a lot  more sense. For businesses that can’t create apps or afford to re-do their websites, sticking with a tried and true method of reaching out like texting can piggyback on the same techniques without breaking the bank. Managing contact lists for SMS marketing should be taken seriously, however, since people will quickly get irritated by texts that they don’t want to receive.

Photo Credit to MIKI Yoshihito on Flickr

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