3 Ideas for Gaining Quality Followers

by / Wednesday, 20 August 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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When it comes to winning a social media following, many business owners subscribe to the concept that more is, well, more, and that the number of followers they have is the ultimate yardstick for measuring their success on their platform of choice. However, this is not necessarily the case, since the value of your social media account lies in the interactions with your customers it can produce as well as exposure from when they like, comment on and share your updates. Having followers with little to no engagement means that you may not be getting as much mileage as you might think out of your posts. In fact, changes to algorithms on the part of social media giants like Facebook mean that, without paying to boost your content it might only appear in front  of a very small portion of your followers, at which point the only way that it can reach more people without paying is through being liked and shared. Quality followers are valuable whether you have a hundred followers or multiple thousands, so thinking of ways to attract them should be something that business owners are thinking about.

Promote your social media presence at business events. One key to finding the right people to ask to follow you is knowing where the people are who are the most interested in your business. One way to make this task much easier is to promote your social media presence at industry specific events. Picking out a few events each year to attend is a great way to compare notes with other business owners, as well as interact with potential customers who are passionate about your products or services. Turing a face to face interaction into a social media relationship can make it much more likely that interactions will continue online and that the rapport you created will translate into increased exposure.

Shout out your most loyal followers. Your followers will generally crave interaction from your brand, and when you have established a relationship that goes beyond customer service, it can reflect very well to other potential followers who notice that you take the time to really create engagement. Taking this a step further and promoting the content or interactions of your most vocal supporters can magnify their already strong feelings and indicate to other like minded social media users that they will find content that they will enjoy coming from your page.

Create rewards for awesome posts. Establishing a reward for awesome user submitted content is a great way for business owners to create interest an incentive among their followers to highlight their products in a creative way. An example of a growing brand that is using social media to demonstrate a more faceted view of their brand is Up Mountain Switchel, an “American Heritage Beverage” company that frequently posts customer submitted pictures highlighting secondary uses of their mason jar packaging. Think creatively, and you too can come up with some interesting ideas to get your followers excited to submit interesting content.

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