3 Energizing Ideas to Get your Small Business Ready for Spring

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While the last bit of nippy weather is finally fading away, small business owners everywhere are waking up to the promise of Spring, and a brand new busy season for many industries. Even as volume picks up and orders for seasonal products and services start to roll in, it can be helpful to get you and your employees energized and in a different frame of mind in order to make the most of the new season. An overhaul of your company culture isn’t necessarily in order, but doing something to celebrate the season and inject a sense of excitement into the office can be a good idea, especially if there have been morale issues on your team due to slow business, the cold, or both. Here are three simple ideas for greeting the Spring season that any small business owner can do.

Try a classic activity, such as hosting a company picnic. Sure it’s cliche, but a company picnic is both simple to organize, low cost, and a great way to get back to the outdoors for Spring. What you need for this technique to be successful is a day that your employees will be available, a plan regarding food (you can either foot the bill or try a potluck style gathering) and potentially some activities like outdoor games that you can enjoy as a group. Working long hours indoors when the cold outside means going out is unpleasant can be extremely mentally taxing for months on end. A company picnic is a simple and fun way to reset your employees frame of mind and appreciate the changing season together. It’s also a good way to strengthen key relationships with partners outside of your business, should you choose to invite them to attend.

Think about new markets for your business. The demographics you serve as a small business owner will depend heavily on your industry, location and price points, but there are usually markets that are waiting to be tapped into with a bit of ingenuity or a new marketing technique. Thinking about a possible play for a new source of business in the Spring can be a good use of time for small business owners, as laying the groundwork for a plan now means that in the Summer, should they choose to execute they will have things already set up. Involve your employees in this, as they can often come up with insightful suggestions based off of their customer interactions.

Take time to look back on your year. Last year, odds are you made some mistakes, as well as had some stellar moments of success. Business, like life in general will have its periods of ups and downs, and the best way of dealing with them is to learn from them as much as possible. A company retrospective can help you and your employees in two ways. First, it’s great to see all that you have accomplished together and get excited for projects to come. Second, if there were critical mistakes made, then thinking about what went wrong and pausing to acknowledge what happened can help you avoid charging in to the same pitfall this year.

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