3 End of Summer Trip Ideas for Business Owners

by / Thursday, 28 August 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle


With the month of August coming to a close, small business owners need to decide now whether or not they are are going to try to take one last trip to close out the warm weather. While we are not necessarily advocating ditching work for three weeks in Tuscany (although if you did do that, take pictures!), a last trip that allows you to relax, recharge and reassess is often just what the doctor ordered before plunging back into the business of the typical work week. Here are three ideas for getaways that can be condensed into microvacations or stretched into a leisurely week away from the office.

Go camping. This option should rate high on the list for a few reasons; it’s easy to find a place to camp, whether you are in a rural area, a suburb or even in a metropolitan hub, it usually won’t be more than a few hours drive to the nearest outdoor recreation center. In addition to the easiness factor, camping tends to be one of the most cost effective ways to get out of your daily routine. Add to that the calming effects of the serenity of nature and a total removal from the pressures of the day to day, and you have a vacation idea that lets you feel far away without actually being outside of comfortable driving range of the office.

Go on a bike tour. A bike tour is a great way to get active and enjoy the last bit of Summer weather while getting in a bit of physical activity. Breaking a sweat, aside from the obvious health benefits, can help increase blood flow and as a result has been linked to better brain health. Bike tours allow you to take in great sights at your own pace, and depending on your preferences, you can center them around interests from gourmet dining and bed and breakfasts to rustic living or historical sightseeing.

Go to a wine tasting. When you want to unwind, there is not much that compares to a glass of great wine coupled with a wonderful view. Both of these things come together at wine tasting events, where you can brush up on wine knowledge that is sure to impress business partners and clients while treating yourself to a bit of well deserved relaxation. Remember to enjoy responsibly, and if wine is not up your alley, then there are many tasting events for everything from cheese to pies. A tasting is a great reward for long hours in the office and a great way to increase your food knowledge which is always a boon while networking.

Photo Credit to Steve Krave on Flickr

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