3 Awesome Ways your Small Business Can Give Back this Holiday

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The holiday season is in full swing, and small business owners across the country are taking time to think of their families and friends and be proud of what they have accomplished over the past year. Whether the past year was full of success, or full of trials and tough lessons, business owners can still find ways to give back to their communities during the holiday season. While giving back is a great thing to do regardless, it can also give your business a positive PR boost and help create an image that will allow it to cement a place in the community. Giving back can take many forms, so here are three great starting ideas small business owners can build on and personalize.

Sponsor a toy drive. The holidays are typically associated with giving gifts, yet for many underprivileged children and their families, that is simply not possible without assistance. Your business can brighten the season for these children by sponsoring a toy drive. You can encourage your employees to donate a toy within an agreed upon price range, and then deliver the toys to the charity of your choice. If purchasing toys represents too much of a time commitment, you can always donate funds directly. A few hundred dollars can make a large difference locally.

Donate services. Your business provides services or products, so finding a way to use them to give back can be a simple and satisfying way to make a difference in a  hands on way. Donating a coaching lesson to a struggling fellow business owner, providing free or discount services to a person or community in need, or taking the time to teach a local class about what goes on behind the scenes of your business are all positive ways of increasing your standing in the community as well as showing you care to the ones you help. Think about what your business has to offer others, and who could benefit from your help.

Help out a struggling employee. It could be the case that your business employs a dedicated worker who is experiencing unfortunate personal circumstances. Consider helping them out as a holiday morale boost to your whole team. The cost of helping support your employee in their difficult circumstance can be mitigated if not totally recovered by the commitment to your organization created by their gratitude.

The holidays are not just about giving, they are about giving back. As a small business owner, you are a community leader. Show a positive example this year, and make a difference in the life of somebody in need.

Photo Credit to Chris Pichado on Flickr


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