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Small Business owners who have had their credit damaged can have great difficulty finding a small business loan program that accepts bad credit applicants. Banks offering funding for business owners with bad credit will often require large amounts of collateral in the form of property or receivables for use as collateral that could be seized in the event of a default. Because of the high risk that the bank assumes, rates for bad credit business loans are generally unfavorable, but worse than that, they can also take over a month to be approved while the bank does due diligence.

Financing the growth of your existing business is now reliable and fast, even with bad credit thanks to our bad credit business loan alternatives.

How Horizon Can Help

By the time you see any liquid capital, it could wind up being too late for you to use it as you had originally intended for your business. Horizon Business Funding's programs for business owners with bad credit offer the twofold advantage of lightning fast approval and access to liquid capital in as little as two business days. We are different because we do not offer traditional business loans. We offer a bad credit business loan alternative called a merchant cash advance, which our knowledgeable underwriters tailor to the needs of each client. Don't let your bad credit hold you or your business back from success. The funding that other banks would deny you for is just over the horizon.

What is the advantage of a merchant cash advance? Unlike bad credit business loans, there are no requirements for collateral, meaning your assets are not at risk. Regardless of existing loans, bankruptcy or foreclosure, you can still apply for and receive our bad credit friendly business financing and have access to the full liquid cash amount in as little 48 hours. We aim to create a relationship with our clients and assist them as a resource they can rely on whenever they need to fund projects that would otherwise be outside their financial reach. While other banks would only see a bad credit application and refuse to approve a loan, we recognize the importance of our small business clients to their communities and trust them to run their businesses effectively with the funds we give them. We place no restrictions on the use of the money we give you once it appears in your bank account. It is up to you to decide how it would most benefit your business. Why wait for banks to scrutinize your credit and assets? Apply now by filling out the form on the right of this page to get started building a funding relationship with your dedicated representative.

What You Have:

  • Bad credit, existing loans, a high risk designation or any issue banks use to disqualify applicants.
  • A business you have been operating for at least 2-3 months. No startups.
  • Monthly gross sales of $15,000 or higher.
  • Interest in business loans to improve or expand your business.

What We Need:

  • You to fill out the form on the right of this page.
  • The completion of some easy steps that a representative will help you do over the phone.
  • You can live chat with a representative as well.

What You Don't Need:

  • Financing for your business that takes ages to get, while opportunity passes you by.
  • Demands for collateral which you could lose.
  • Restrictions on how you can use the money you apply for.

Does this sound like your small business? Then our funding programs could be just what you're looking for.

Apply now by filling out the form.

QUALIFY FOR UP TO $1,000,000!

  • 95% of applicants approved
  • Bad credit applicants accepted
  • No collateral required

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* Please note that we do not offer financing for start-ups. Applicants must be able to show proof of revenue totaling $10,000 per month for at least 3 months.

Merchant cash advance as an alternative to bad credit business loans.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we've broken down what makes a merchant cash advance a great alternative to funding business growth with loans by showing where Horizon Business Funding's programs and the needs of small business owners meet.

How Bad Credit Business Financing Works

Application is fast, simple and 100% paperless. If your business has been in operation for at least 2-3 months with monthly grosses of $15,000 or more, then you can qualify for a liquid cash infusion even if you have bad credit and outstanding loans. Cash amounts range from $1,000 to $1,000,000. Once your initial advance is 70% repaid, you are free to apply for refinancing up to 200% of the original funded amount. Just because you have been denied a business loan in the past, that does not mean you cannot get quick and reliable access to the capital your small business needs. We look forward to creating a funding relationship with your business based on mutual trust. Don't be discouraged from maximizing business potential by a poor credit score or rocky financial history. If you are running your business and are ready to push your horizons, apply now.

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