Horizon Business Funding provides financing for your business when you need it quickly with 5-star rated customer service team and a quick and easy online application process. Since our founding, we've provided more than 30,000 financings totaling over $1 B in total funding.


Over the years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of small businesses with our unique financing solutions. We know what it’s like for you to need to secure capital quickly to provide your business with the cash it needs in the short-term.

Long-term success in business often comes down to your ability to make quick financial decisions – we get that. At Horizon Business Funding, we pride ourselves on speed and our simple approval process.


As a small business owner, there are situations that you’re almost certain to face at some point in your career that could prompt you to consider an MCA:

  • A critical piece of equipment breaks, but you lack the cash needed to fix or replace it
  • You win a big customer, but you need to hire new employees to service the account
  • Your customer is late paying, but you can’t be late paying your suppliers
  • You see an opportunity that you can’t pass up, but you need to act fast
  • You need to make a tax payment, but you are currently short on cash

Whenever you’re faced with a situation that requires a rapid influx of capital but don’t have time to wait for a traditional bank – you should talk to us at Horizon Business Funding.


Horizon Business Funding was founded by a team of pioneers from the alternative lending industry. We recognized years ago that many small business owners were not being sufficiently served by traditional banks. We made a commitment to help small business owners when they need it most and have done so ever since.

At Horizon, we know that it’s common and normal for many business owners to have a “less than perfect” personal FICO/credit history. That’s bound to happen when you put everything you have, and then some, into a business. What we’ve learned is there’s a good chance that we can provide the financing you need if:

  • You have at least 6 months of business operations
  • You have a business bank account
  • Your business generates at least $15,000 in monthly deposit volume

After providing 30,000+ financings totaling over $1B in total funding across hundreds of industries, we feel confident in our alternative to the traditional bank loan for your business.

Apply now if your business needs capital in a hurry. We’re here to help!