There are many financial products geared for small business owners out there. Since the financing landscape can be so alien and complex, small business owners might not be fully aware of the range of options available to them. For small business owners who, due to bad credit or other financial issues, can’t find financing from traditional small business loan programs, the issue can become a lot cloudier. Aside from taking the time to create a plan regarding when to apply for financing, they also need to consider what they are eligible for in the first place. Where bad credit business loan alternatives fit in. More commonly known as merchant cash advance, these products function similarly to small business loans, but emphasize monthly sales over credit score as their main criteria for approval. These products are typically much faster to get approved for than business loans since they don’t require collateral, so for business owners who have bad credit or for those who simply need fast access to

  Small business advice can come from many different places, but books are one of the best. Literature can teach life lessons in every area, and business is no exception. Here are a few classical literary moments, as well as some lessons that savvy business owners can take from them and apply to their management strategies. Don’t assume something is impossible. See for yourself. This principle is demonstrated in the Shakespeare favorite, Macbeth. Told by a troop of prophesy speaking  witches that he will reign until the Great Birnam Woods come to Dunsinane Hill, Macbeth assumes that he will be safe since moving trees are impossible, or so he thinks. In the end, his castle is overrun by the forces of his enemies, disguised by the branches of the trees he thought immobile. While, unless you are in landscaping, moving trees will most likely not concern you, the principle that is at work here is important for small business owners to understand. The person who claims

Running a small business isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get any more simple if you have bad credit. Since credit issues can seriously hamper small business loan approvals, business owners need to be more strategic about how they apply for capital. While there are loan alternatives for business owners with bad credit out there, making judgment calls about when to use financing and when to improvise is part of your role as a manager. Fortunately, just because you are short staffed, that does not mean you can’t keep your business running until you are able to make another hire, as long as you are able to effectively prioritize and redistribute workload. Identify your main priorities and then match them with the competencies of your remaining staff. You may find that you need to put a part of your business on hold in order to take care of your most important priorities. In this case, you need to be clear that you understand what your main priorities

This not another Earth Day post. This is a post-Earth Day reminder to small business owners that, just because it’s not an official day of recognition for the health of our planet, it doesn’t mean that they should forget the promises they made to themselves in a fit of green tinged zeal a day ago. Like New Year’s resolutions, Earth Day promises carry a lot of potential but amount to nothing if never acted upon. Here are some ways that you can act on those promises you made, without costing your business or your productivity. Add some plants to your business environment. We can’t stress enough how great plants are for your office. They can manage stress, reduce your overall carbon footprint, they look great, and are often easy to take care of. What’s not to like? Create an off switch policy. One of the biggest problems leading to energy waste in small business environments is simply not turning off lights and other electronic appliances that are

The internet has limitless applications, allowing a single sentence to be read thousands of times by people across the entire world, under the correct circumstances. This effect means that small business owners should develop and adhere to some internet etiquette, and if they are letting their employees represent their brand through social media and posting in industry forums, they should also be appraised of your standards. A social media policy is currently a necessary part of a small business internet policy, but knowing how to set standards in the first place can take a little bit of thought independent from this larger task. Here are some suggestions for creating appropriate posting habits on the part of yourself and your employees. Double check your posts before you confirm them. It’s annoying, it’s another step, and it can wind up saving you a ton of headaches if you get into the habit of doing it. Had the social media employees at US Airways double checked their now infamous

Business owners will be searching for a wide variety of traits in their employees and their partners, in fact, anyone who has a hand in their business should possess certain qualities that make them into an asset on a team, or a confident solo actor as the case may be. While different jobs call for different sets of skills, there are a couple of attributes that, like a well tailored suit, look good on anyone you might choose to bring in to your business sphere. Punctuality. This is a big one, and while it gets lip service, it’s still probably underrated. In today’s world, it’s all too common for people to become chronic reschedulers, or show up late because they had something come up or a priority get shifted. It is easier than ever in history to communicate with someone who you might never actually share a physical space with, and in the right circumstances this can be great, but when you schedule a meeting with

The Summer brings with it some of the busiest months of the year for many small businesses. It’s also one of the best times for many businesses to use bad credit business loan alternatives. These products rely more on the strength of a business’s deposits, rather than credit, when making approval decisions. This means that for businesses where sales pick up in the Summer, they have their best shot at a higher approval during this time. Taking this information into account, small business owners who do have issues caused by bad credit may wish to create a plan for how to manage and finance growth during the Summer season. Create a strong set of goals to avoid wasting financing. The point of a growth strategy should be to allocate resources in a tactical manner in order to arrive at a desired result for your business. Just having capital on hand does not mean that your business will change, you must apply your bad credit business financing with

Work is essential to the realization of your entrepreneurial goals. There is a lot that small business owners are willing to give up or do without in order to reap the satisfying rewards of running a successful business. But one of the things that can supersede the desire to push forward is a need to spend time with family members and other loved ones. It’s part of what allows us to keep working and making progress towards our dreams, and maintaining a connection to your support network should not be allowed to fall to the wayside while you run your business. Managing a work life balance calls for some strategic compromise. It will be unlikely that you are able to take off as much time from work as you would like to, just as it is unlikely that there won’t be any work related tasks that can wait for a little longer. The trick to making sure that you can have both is learning to identify

Many small business owners take hiring into their own hands, and will personally interview prospective candidates to ensure that they are getting someone who will not only be able to excel at their jobs, but also contribute to a positive company culture. This is more difficult than it might seem on the surface, as getting to know anyone within the short amount of time allotted for an interview is difficult, and it is even more difficult to gauge whether an employee will be an asset to your business in the same amount of time. The fact of the matter is, most people in the job market today will have gone to more than one interview before coming to speak with you. This repetition, made even worse by the added pressure created by the competitive nature of getting hired, means that it can be difficult to really gauge a person based off of stock interview questions. Here are a few suggestions on crafting some questions that

  Bad credit business loan alternatives have no restrictions on use. This means that for business owners who use this type of financing, the sky truly is the limit for how creatively they allocate their capital. While it’s typical for business owners to use bad credit business loans and similar products to purchase equipment, make payroll for new hires and expand their businesses to new locations, it’s also possible to use this type of financing to pursue business improvements related to the office environment. Making your office a more comfortable and productive place to work has benefits which range form reduced employee turnover to a heightened ability to relay information. Using small business financing to update tech. Each week in a typical small  business, multiple hours of work can be lost through the cumulative effects of faulty technology. Many things can get in the way of business owners updating their technology, which typically include a lack of time, a perception that the tech is not really that